NDIA Welcomes the 7th Special Forces Group with Scholarships

In June 2011, the Eglin Education Services Office (David Conner) was approached by representatives from NDIA. NDIA wanted to welcome transitioning members of the 7th SFG with education scholarships.  The Education Office made the recommendation that any transitioning member (regardless of service) was considered and NDIA agreed. Selection criteria was established by the ESO and submission packages were collected by the ETS (Education Training Staff). Eleven complete packages were received and the eight selectees were chosen. NDIA was notified of the selections and of the three non-selects. NDIA was able to find additional funding to award the non-selects with smaller scholarships so all eleven applicants received some scholarship. The NDIA Education scholarship check presentations were made on 30 November 2011 by Mr. Bob Blake at the Crossroads Event Center. $11,400.00 in education scholarships was distributed to the spouses and dependents of Team Eglin Active Duty members at the event.

Spouses, dependents, families arriving at the Crossroads.

NDIA Selectees - Each of the following spouses and/or dependents were awarded $1,200.00.
                  --Gracie Broome (AF-spouse 96 LRS)
                  --Sharkena Brown (AF-dependent 96 ABW/CP)
                  --Olivia Dempcy (AF-spouse 96 LRS/LGRF)
                  --Stephanie Fuentes (AF-spouse 513 EWS)
                  --Nicole Gray (AF-spouse 96 GTCS)
                  --Nicole Leon (Army-spouse 7th SFG/2nd Battalion)
                  --Sarah Lilly (Army-spouse 7th SFG/HSC 2 (A))
                  --Stephanie Masso (Army-spouse 7th SFG/2nd Battalion)

NDIA Non-selects - Each of the following spouses and/or dependents were awarded $600.00.
                  --Grant Allard (Army-dependent 7th SFG/2nd Battalion)
                  --Amber Dillon (AF-spouse 96 LRS)
                  --Elizabeth Pena (Army-spouse 7th SFG/3rd Battalion)

NDIA Scholarship Winners

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