Information on the Hugh Harris Scholarship
The Hugh Harris Scholarship Application period is open! Please read the information and form download available below. Return forms to the Scholarship Chairman by May 27, 2022.    


INFORMATION: This scholarship is based on interest in engineering, physical sciences, or other related technical fields as well as leadership, personal character, scholastic achievement, aptitude, and need.

Scholarship money may be used for any expenditure payable through the Student’s Designated School’s Financial Aid Administrator's Office, including tuition, fees, and books. Announcements of winner(s) will be made before end of the current school term and the scholarship award(s) will be presented before the college fall term begins. In the event the student drops out of school or does not begin using the scholarship money by 1 October the year after the scholarship award, the unused scholarship money will be withdrawn.

ELIGIBILITY: This scholarship is open to candidates who meet the following eligibility criteria and who are sponsored by individual or corporate NDIA Division member(s), or members of high schools or colleges/universities within the Gulf Coast Chapter’s immediate area. Recipients of a full scholarship such as military academy, ROTC, etc., are not eligible.

Recipients must:
1. Be a United States citizen.
2. Be a responsible high school graduate, high school senior (public or private), or college student and recommended by their respective school and/or sponsor.
3. Have applied to or be an undergraduate enrolled in an accredited four-year college.
4. Have shown prior interest in a scientific, technical, engineering, or mathematical (STEM) career.

SELECTION PROCEDURE: Recipients will be chosen on the basis of:
1. Educational interest in STEM or other technical career fields. For the purposes of this scholarship:
a. Engineering is defined as the science by which properties of matter and sources of energy in nature are made useful to man. Appropriate engineering fields include Aerospace; Chemical; Civil; Computer Science; Electrical; Industrial; Mechanical; Biomedical, and Software Engineering.
b. Other related technical fields include such areas as Physics; Chemistry; and Mathematics.
2. Leadership.
3. Academic Achievement.
4. Other indications of need, character and noteworthy achievement.

TO APPLY: Applicant(s) must:
1. Complete Application and Transcript Release Form.
2. Provide Counselor's Recommendation Form to Counselor (for college students, a student selected professor) or other appropriate official.
3. Return forms to the Scholarship Chairman, via mail to:
NDIAGCC, PO Box 446, Shalimar FL 32579, by May 27, 2022.

1. Complete Counselor's Recommendation Form (Atch 2).
2. Provide Student's Transcripts and Counselor's Recommendation to the applicant no later than March 20, 2020 or directly to the Scholarship Chairman, via mail to: NDIAGCC, PO Box 446, Shalimar FL 32579, by May 17, 2021. Students that have completed one year of college or less must include both high school and college transcripts.

Hugh Harris Scholarship Application form 2022




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